86 Logic Issue 7
86 Logic Issue 7
86 Logic Issue 7
86 Logic Issue 7

86 Logic Issue 7

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Inspired by the playful spirit of the comic-book world, 86.7 draws an unprecedented connection between cartoon logic and restaurant logic. Our fourth installment of the comic Space Bar makes its great return after hiatus: co-author and artist Nik Le Sante also headlines the magazine with a truly out-of-this-world cover. Inside, you’ll find industry-rooted art and writing that shines with nostalgia, wonder, and imagination. This time around, we’ve got a BAM and POW! that make the pages turn at lightspeed. 

Just a taste: parallel universes in Mick Miles’ fiction piece Kid Cafe and Maureen Amaturo’s When Houdini Waited on Capone bring creative and hilarious commentary on the reality of dinner service. Isabella Swell’s Colorblind and Kahlo Smith’s Glitter transport us with vivid dystopian imaginings, meanwhile our editors Mike Ferrin and Kate Meadows dish on alter egos and uncanny personas with nonfiction prose in Non-Slips and Woman Alone. A selection of visuals emphasize digital art and photography that suspend objects and disbelief alike, including a full-page comic spread by artist Teoh Graves. In the way that comics have forever reflected reality in fantasy, 86.7 offers the dining room floor as a model for our most ridiculous human tendencies. Our poetry pieces capture this, too— a whiskey cocktail, a tub of tapioca pudding, or even a rude comment from a guest become vehicles for sensations and dynamics familiar to the industry. Finally, an interview with our very first cover artist Jeff Pusateri pulls wisdom from years of delivering pizzas and spinning stories through, of course, comics. Plus, our latest Around-the-Table is chattier than ever.

The seventh volume of 86 defies both logic and gravity. Have some fun with us. Grab a print or digital copy online or save with a subscription.


Cover:  Nik Le Sante

Poetry:  J.P. Amador Lilia Anderson Olivia C. KeySophia Leenay Alexandria MachadoJoan MacIntosh Abigail E. Sims Max Vitelli

Visual Art: Teoh GravesGiancarlo Greco Anita Lasek Zoe Huot-LinkThomas Miles Kristina Sergeeva Svetlana Wunnenberg Kevin Wurm

Prose:  Maureen Amaturo Mick Miles Kahlo Smith Isabella Suell

Interview:  Jeff Pusateri


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Weight: 4.3 oz 
Page Count: 48 pages 
Format: Perfect bound, color printing
Printed and Bound:  United States of America


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