1-Year 'Zine Subscription (4 Issues)

1-Year 'Zine Subscription (4 Issues)

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86 Logic is now offering subscriptions.

Never miss an issue with a zine subscription to 86 Logic!

For just $50 you can get a whole year’s worth of fresh, quality zines delivered right to your mailbox.  Every issue of 86 Logic is chock full of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, comics, photography, journalism, and so much more.  Every artist we publish has roots in the service industry.  Sign up today to get not only our beautiful quarterly ‘zine, but also access to digital prints and special offers throughout the year. 

Start building your zine library today!


Subscriptions are just $50—shipping included for people based in the United States.

-Guaranteed 4 'zines a year published in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Free shipping for domestic readers.

-Access to digital content and special offers.

Thanks for supporting artists from the service industry!