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Zach Whitman is a writer, performer, and graphic designer based in New York City. He is a co-founder of 86 Logic and serves as the magazine’s publisher and artistic director. Zach has overseen the creative and logistical direction of 86 Logic since its conception. His unwavering commitment to publishing and promoting creatives from the service industry stems from a decade of firsthand experience waiting tables to support his artistic ventures.



Mike Ferrin was born just outside of Chicago and now lives and works in Astoria, Queens. Mike has spent time at just about every job possible in the service industry and though it’s been years since he hung up his chef coat, his heart has never strayed far from his back-of-house roots. His enthusiasm for sausage is unmatched. He has no doubts, that if God exists, his fingers must surely be made of bratwursts. His thumbs would dispense mustard – God’s thumbs not Mike’s.



Kate Meadows moved from North Carolina in Brooklyn in 2020 and has worked in many restaurants throughout the city since, from working the door at fine-dining establishments to serving bottomless mimosas at Australian brunch spots. Her interest in literature and art history have drawn her into innovative publishing initiatives and arts nonprofits: she's worked on programming to help shape and support emerging and underrepresented creatives with ArtsEverywhere, Poets House, Monira Foundation, ALPHA Arts Alliance, Swivel Gallery, and more. She proudly serves as the managing editor of 86 Logic Magazine. Her writing can be found in 86, as well as in Scalawag, Southern Cultures, and on her website. She received the Blanche B. Armfield Award from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2020 and a Pushcart Prize Nomination (Brooklyn Poets) in 2022.



Quinn Moss has spent her life around restaurants, losing her first tooth in the buildout of a family friend's establishment and later working in said establishment. She has been employed in the industry since age 14, holding nearly every position from barista, to pizza delivery driver, to server, barback, bartender, manager, and event coordinator. When not busy freelancing in digital design, photography, or video editing, her creative pursuits include painting, mixed media collage, and amassing a collection of 35mm portraits & candids, which she aspires to publish in various formats.



Melissa Junke is a poet and restaurateur based out of Western NY. She is a global wanderer with a deep love for used books and the magic of a handwritten letter. Melissa has a dangerous addiction to post-it notes & good pens. She always prefers animals to humans and bourbon to beer. She wrote her first poem at age 9 and served her first table at 16. Most of her favorite moments involve great food, mediocre booze, & her passport. Her family is big and crazy and absolutely unreasonable and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s definitely the “cool aunt”. Her favorite word is Beyond.


Anastasia Savelyeva graduated from the Baruch Marxe School of Public and international affairs. She has years of experience working for NYC government and Non-profits in connecting communities to recourses and public officials. Currently, she is working full time in the hospitality industry. Her goal is to develop 86 logic through creative outreach and collaborations.



Justin Rogers has lived and worked in NYC for 8 years as both a filmmaker and an employee of the service industry. What began as a means to supplement an artist's income became a secondary passion. Justin loves to provide people with an experience, whether you're watching one of his films or seated as a guest at his table. He hopes to someday open his own restaurant that incorporates the design and themes of his visual artwork.




Nik Le Sante has been a company man for 86 Logic since its 2nd printing, circa 2021. Nik works on writing and illustrating the ever expanding universe of 'Space Bar'; drawing inspiration from years of personal experience in different areas of the restaurant industry... and from his time as an amateur astronaut, obviously. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Nik has spent the past decade in NYC working on the creative and technical sides of the film industry... Still occasionally pulling inspiration from his past restaurant experiences.





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