TEAM 86  


Zach Whitman 
Artistic Director & Co-founder

Zach's been moonlighting as a server for the last ten years. His poetry has been featured on three collaborations with candle designer Thompson Ferrier. On stage his audience involvment sets him apart from traditional spoken word poets, while on page you can find him in collaborations such as Poem Wars’ Bloom.



Mike Ferrin 
Managing Editor & Co-founder

Born just outside of Chicago, Mike now lives and works in Astoria, Queens. Mike has spent time at just about every job possible in the service industry and though it’s been years since he hung up his chef coat, his heart has never strayed far from his back-of-house roots. His enthusiasm for sausage is unmatched. He has no doubts, that if God exists, his fingers must surely be made of bratwursts. His thumbs would dispense mustard – God’s thumbs not Mike’s.


Kate Meadows 
Associate Editor

Kate hails from North Carolina and has been getting to know the city through food and beverage for the past year, serving up cocktails at night and using late mornings to develop new poems. With a special interest in community-based literary programs, she’s also worked with innovative publishing initatives and poetry nonprofits to help shape and support emerging writers. Her own work can be found in Scalawag, Southern Cultures, and her website. 




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 Photography by Justin Rogers, Curv Entertainment 

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