86 Logic Issue X
86 Logic Issue X
86 Logic Issue X
86 Logic Issue X

86 Logic Issue X

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86 Logic is thrilled to announce the start of pre-sales for our tenth issue. For the last three years, we have brought you the crème de la crème of poetry, prose, and visual art from those who’ve worked in the service industry. Issue X is both a tribute to what we’ve accomplished and a promise that our journey has just begun. It signals the start of a new, invigorating chapter for 86 Logic Magazine.

In issue X, we examine the complex paradox of loving and leaving the service industry.

Emily Zilgme replaces corporate missives with a menu-styled plea, while Garth Wolkoff and Victoria Lewis recount transformative moments from the kitchen's underbelly.

DT Schatten crafts a fiery apocalypse and tells the story of a chef's ultimate culinary sacrifice. Sophy Drouin reveals an unexpected bond between a server and a mysterious late-night guest.

Poets—Daniel Weiner, Ann Quinn, Edgar Medina, Emily Jahn, Anton Violazzi, and Isabel Mesko—paint vivid pictures of nostalgia, evoke working-class aches, describe endless drifts, and explore the shift from paper plates to summer-China.

The pages come alive with mesmerizing artwork capturing restaurant scenes, from figuration to the abstraction—including Morgan Bukovec’s intricate hand-stitched guest check.

Peek behind the curtain with a candid conversation between our co-founders and managing editor, retracing 86 Logic’s origins and looking forward into what its future may hold. In our Around-the-Table series, 86’s readers and past contributors spotlight books, films, and digital content that explores the intersection of art and hospitality. And brace yourself for the thrilling conclusion of the dreaded health inspection in Mike Ferrin and Nik Le Sante’s 86-exclusive Space Bar comic.

Celebrating the artists and writers who’ve served time behind an apron for ten issues, our latest release is a combination of the content you’ve grown to expect and an experimentation of new innovative styles of writing and art.

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Prose: Sophy Drouin, Victoria Lewis, DT Schatten, Garth Wolkoff, Emily Zilgme

Poetry: Emily Jahn, Edgar Medina, Isabel Mesko, Ann Quinn, Anton Violazzi, Daniel Weiner

Visual Art: Morgan Bukovec, Joseph Grice, Cherry Koch, Lee Letourneau, Michael Miller, Quinn Moss, Andrew Palladino, Theresa Pisani, Chester Rhodes, Sydney Speck

Interview: Mike Ferrin, Zach Whitman, Kate Meadows

Cover: Justin Rogers, Zach Whitman


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