At 86 Logic, we only have one real requirement for submissions—you must have worked in the hospitality industry at some point in your life. 

We pride ourselves in having an easy submission process. Unlike most publications, printed or otherwise, we have no restrictions on file type, size of submission (though our ‘zine is only so big), or on the type of work submitted. We feel this keeps us open to all printable genres. 

What we’ve published so far: poetry, prose, fiction, art, comics, photography, and non-fiction/journalism. 

Submissions for 86 Logic Issue #10 (print) are open through March 1st. Submit your work via Submittable. Click the link below.   

Submissions are always open for our magazines.

submittable submissions


Simultaneous submissions? Sure. Let us know if your work is selected for publication elsewhere. 
What if my work has already been published elsewhere? It’s fine if your work has been posted on social media, however, we ask that your submission not include work that has been published in another magazine, book, or anthology (both print and digital). 
How long does it take for a response? Sometimes it can take up to three months for a response. Our team is three people, so it takes a while to read and select work. We have read over 1,000 submissions so far. We are trying to make this process faster as we grow.
Can I email you a submission or idea? We’d love to hear any ideas you have on collaborations! Our email is always open. You’re more likely to be selected if you submit through our Submittable page, but we will read all submissions we receive regardless of channel. 
What is most likely to be published? We don’t have any rules. We are looking for well crafted creativity and writing with personality. We do have a soft spot for industry related work, but there is no requirement on topic or theme. We are also looking for more fiction and visual submissions. 
Do you pay contributors? Unfortunately, we are unable to pay our contributors at this time. Each artist featured in our quarterly 'zine will receive a physical copy of the 'zine upon publication.