86 Logic Issue 6
86 Logic Issue 6
86 Logic Issue 6
86 Logic Issue 6

86 Logic Issue 6

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86.6 is a testament to the tenacity typical in the industry. Photographer Justin Rogers has created a compelling cover with lines from this issue cast over a server’s bowed silhouette. Read on and you’ll find an intimate conversation with recording artist S. Grim, covering his perseverance through addiction and the way he’s developed his music successes around spiritual rebirth. Prose-writer Sam Tarr will take you on a zen journey through the headspace of a burning-out head chef, while poet Shelbi Church lands readers in an alternative universe in which tripping on the stairs sends the dining room into surreal tumult. Gorgeous 35mm shots from Pamir Kiciman and Moira Hampson are nestled between Jack R. Johnson’s harrowing hurricane tale, before Mike Ferrin (Managing Editor) provides a taste of what it’s like to take omelet orders while dressed for arctic expedition. Everyone featured is a service superhero; moments of levity mix with the sincere and sentimental in this collection of talented voices from all over the globe. Brilliant hospitality-focused film, book, and podcast recommendations await you in our latest Around the Table section. Long story short, our sixth installment of 86 Logic is one you won’t want to miss. Pre-order your physical copy now.

Cover: Justin Rogers

Poetry: Shelbi Church Lil DeThomas, Ty DunningtonLily HermanSandy Deutscher Green, Greta Hardy-MittellShoshauna ShyRebecca ThrushAnton ViolazziChryss Yost

Prose: Jack R. Johnson, Brandon MeadRee SherwoodSamuel Tarr

Visual Art: Jessica CarvajalNatascha GrahamMoira Hampson, Pamir KicimanYarden TsfoniJennifer Weigel

Interview: S.Grim

Dimensions: 7.75 x 10 in
Weight: 4.3 oz 
Page Count: 48 pages 
Format: Perfect bound, color printing
Printed and Bound:  United States of America


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