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86 Logic 'Zine Issue 3

86 Logic 'Zine Issue 3

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The spring 2021 issue of the 86 Logic 'Zine has arrived, and with it comes a reminder; better days are on the way. In our first publication of the year, we explore the poetry, photography, art, and non-fiction of artists who have worked in the hospitality industry. Despite the headache that was 2020, the world of creativity has only grown stronger. The world is heading towards a new artistic renaissance. The evidence lays bare inside this issue, in poems like "On the barricades, the mourning, the post-election daylong" by Laura Miller, which begins as a journey out of the city after a brutal election; "Rose Glutton" by Benji Katz, an examination of the culinary process and the words we use to conceal the bloodshed; and "Luncheon, Westport, Connecticut" by Natalli Amato, a reminder of the awkward places relationships can take us. "Airbnb, Dec 12, Morning," a drawing by Francisco Cohen, finds beauty in a pile of trash. We also brought back "Spacebar," a comic by Nik Le Sante and co-editor Michael Ferrin. 

Additionally, we interviewed social media star Drew Talbert, who vulnerably shared his stories and advice. Millions of people worldwide have watched his restaurant-themed sketch comedy, and we were lucky enough to publish his first print interview. 

Finally, Meghan Offtermatt wrote the article "86 The Service Industry As We Knew It," which examines the crucial changes needed as we rebuild the hospitality industry. Order your copy today or check out our subscriptions page to save!

Help support artists with origins in hospitality!  

Cover: Crystal Kingston

Poetry: Natalli AmatoChristopher BerghoffMichael BlairK.P. HubbardBenji KatzJames Ph. KotsybarLanette SweeneyLaura MillerNatalie NascenziJeremy ReedStephanie Tobia

Prose: Crystal Kingston

Visual Art: Francisco CohenJustin RogersNik Le SanteJames Reade Venable

Journalism: Meghan Offtermatt

Interview: Drew Talbert



Dimensions: 5.75 x 8 in
Weight: 6.5 oz 
Page Count: 96 pages 
Format: Perfect bound, color printing, 80lbs paper, 100lbs cover
Printed and Bound:  United States of America