86 Logic 'Zine Issue #1 is now available

86 Logic 'Zine Issue 1
86 Logic 'Zine Issue 1

86 Logic 'Zine Issue 1

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For our first production we sought out and found creatives with roots in the service industry.  What we came up with is basically a variety show you can hold in your hands!  Contents include poetry, photography, comics, short fiction, and more from creatives around the world.  All profits from 86.1 will be donated to The James Beard Foundation’s “Open for Good” as they are working to help keep small restaurants afloat during these uncertain times.  Your support will help save us from a future where our only dining options feature mascots, jingles, and value menus. Contributors - Tyler Adams, J.P. Amador, Molly Beckhardt, M.G. Belka, Mike Ferrin, Sara Harvey, Tova Kranz, Keith Langston, Emalee Long, M.W. MacSaveny, Benjamin Mast, Lela McMurray, Maya Nordine, Pheobe O’Brien, Rachel Patrick, Theresa Pisani, Jeff Pusateri, Schéhérazade Ste-Grégoire, Tieneke van Berkel, Zach Whitman, and Abby Wolpert



cover art:  Jeff Pusateri

Dimensions: 5.75 x 8 in

Weight: 4 oz 

Page Count: 52 pages

Format: perfect bound, color printing, 80lbs paper, 100lbs cover

Printed and bound:  in the United States of America, by Mixam