Time Indoors


Light, peaking through hung linen,
is bent and reflected
by a glass jar, and glows
softly along its curves. 
Eternity endures till
—we see nothing of ourselves
in nature; the clocks cease to glow,
they move alone,
and are built with hands
rather than gravity; time
is never felt in time
—eternity remains still:
Day dies at the stroke
of a plastic switch.
A fan with fixed lamp hums
above, and air tumbles
lightly forward.



Kurtis Ebeling graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literary Studies (Magna Cum Laude), and he is currently working on his MA in English. He has worked nearly 3 years as a line cook at The Lantern Tap House in Spokane, WA. He has previously been published in Northwest Boulevard Magazine, Transcend Magazine, and at eris & eros. He is awaiting publication with Tempered Runes Press.