Reservation Notes



Celebrating 10 years since our engagement, which took place in Lincoln Park on a chilly spring evening by the lily pond. Hoping for a table that overlooks the pond and/or garden, if possible. No pressure. How wonderful to think back to a decade ago. Stinkflowers were in full bloom. I got down on one knee with a clothespin pinching my nostrils. Dreadful, really. So, if that is the case, we’d like to request the windows be closed. My wife, Ediana, will wear the same jacket she did that night to commemorate the special occasion. Please compliment the color. Should you remember, it’s not orange. It’s rusted sandstone. If there’s anything else you may do to make this evening special, please. Pull out all the stops! But don’t stretch yourselves too thin. Perhaps our names written atop the menus like they do at Le Bouchon—something along the lines of Wishing you 10 more amazing years, Alfred and Ediana...If you have roses, some draped over our plates. Champagne flutes at the ready, though we don’t drink, so milk will be just fine. If you have in-house music, we had the first dance at our wedding to Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart”, but we understand if you can’t make it happen. Curious if we need to book the tasting in advance. In case you need to know, my wife, Ediana has an adversity to cum

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Maya Nordine is the recent recipient of an MFA in poetry from Antioch University of Los Angeles. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, where she co-runs a cross-genre writing workshop called Study Hall. With eight years in the service industry, she has been a carry-out bagger, host, server, bartender, barista, and office manager. Her work is forthcoming in Door Is A Jar.