call me a narcissist
do it 
i dare you

i work thirty-five hours a week waiting tables
ad forty hours a week writing
so i really don't have the time to try and understand
what makes you hate how hard i'm trying
i'm trying to make a name for myself
i'm trying to be more than a writer
i'm trying to be a human voice

call me a narcissist
do it
i dare you

i'm sitting alone in my bedroom shortly after 2am
hoping some day i have the courage to publish this poem
to expose myself and take the clothes off my words
so maybe i can help someone who needs it
but go ahead and blame me for your insecurities 

call me a narcissist
do it 
i dare you

i don't come from money i come from soul
but art is a buisness and i'm trying to succeed 
by giving you words that bleed, cry, and laugh
i barely pay my bills
all my money is spent trying to bring these words to you

so please
i beg you
call me a narcissist
and for the love of god mean it




zach whitman poet

Zach Whitman is a poet/performer/creative artist based in New York City. He’s been moonlighting as a server for the last ten years. Zach’s poetry has been featured on three collaborations with candle designer Thompson Ferrier. From bridges to subway stations, Zach’s words can also be found on stickers citywide. On stage his audience involvement sets him apart from traditional spoken word poets, while on page you can find him in collaborations such as Poem Wars’ Bloom. Zach is a co-editor and co-founder of 86 Logic.