Joy Misu

Joy Misu

Joy Misu headshot, 86 logic magazine contributor

Joy Misu (she/her) is currently based in Vienna, Austria, while being born in Germany and being half Vietnamese. I grew up moving around a lot, since my parents met working on a luxury cruise liner and continuously stayed in the hospitality business, they never really settled.I had the opportunity to see a lot of this world at such a young age, which had many positive and negative sides to it.My parents taught me that home isn't necessarily a place, but your own body is. It taught me valuable lessons, but also gave me some identity issues, since I don't quite know where I am from and where I belong. I've lived in so many places and even continued this lifestyle after moving out, because I wanted to see more of what the world had to offer. I also started to work in the hospitality trade, since it gave me the opportunity to actually move and work at any place I wanted. I worked in a few smaller Restaurants and Hotels, but wanted to go bigger. I completed my two and a half years of trainingship at one of Germany's best Hotels (Schloss Elmau) and really enjoyed working in such a cultural hotspot.

I have always been artistic and really started getting into art after I completed a college drawing course, when I went to highschool in the US (2016/2017). When COVID hit I really started to get back into art and discovered that it not only gave me an outlet for stress and to express my feelings, but helped me work through my identity issues. Art gave me an outlet to express my feelings, especially coming of age and finding a home in my body. That's what I want to give back to the community. I want everybody to feel comfortable with their body and accept it as their home.