86 Logic Issue 9
86 Logic Issue 9
86 Logic Issue 9
86 Logic Issue 9

86 Logic Issue 9

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Jot this down: 86 Logic is making a mark in our ninth issue. With the type of scrappy resourcefulness that us hospitality veterans can never quite unlearn, we’re printing the scribbles on our dupe pads and receipts, transferring our ephemera into permanence. 

Trail our authors through sewage tsunamis, moral anarchy in tortellini soup, philosophical discourse in the dishpit, ordering breakfast for Low Stress Individuals, stealing flatware as recompense, vandalizing in the name of morale, making napkins into a cure for anything, rallying as a way to live, serving meals that cost more than your entire closet, and saving the neighborhood you can’t afford to drink in. 

Our prose and poetry is accompanied by stunning visuals that bear witness through diner windows, painting us into the crowded carnival of dining rooms and kitchens alike. The cover, made in commission specifically for 86 Logic by artist Tom Liesegang, summons the old-school dupe pad as a telltale symbol of the industry. Associate editor Kate Meadows sits down with the front-of-house veteran in his Newburgh studio to discuss mark-making his latest series and experiences in Anthony Bourdain’s kitchen of total insanity.

For extras, Mike Ferrin and Nik Le Sante return with the next installment of their out-of-this-world comic “Space Bar,” and our Around-the-Table column serves up abbreviated reviews for films, books, and more on the hospitality scene: including The Menu, Waiter in Paris, Triangle of Sadness, and Your Table is Ready

From minor blemishes to complete metamorphoses, 86.9 is an ode to every type of impression a restaurant can leave on its staff, and in turn, the traces we leave on it. Can we get a “heard, chef”? Pick up our latest in print or digital, or never miss an issue with an 86 subscription. 


Prose: Liz Abeling, Patty Gray, Dane Herrin, Derek Maiolo, Naoise McGuinness, Halle Murcek, Janevra Pier, Jim Richards

Poetry: Scott Laudati, Vincent Rendoni, SZS Rizer, Jessalyn Smith, Nicolas Visconti.

Visual Art: Joshua Atlas, Lilia Anderson, Casey Brand, Landon Carter, Elsa Murphy, Sarah Richani, Thnhdnh, Paloma Valencia, Lauren Wilcox. 

Cover & Interview: Tom Liesegang


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Dimensions: 7.75 x 10 in
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Page Count: 48 pages 
Format: Perfect bound, color printing
Printed and Bound:  United States of America